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At Wally Armour, our Chrysler dealer serving Salem, we know that mastering the roundabout can be a difficult feat, which is why we've decided to give you a few quick tips to keep in mind while driving though these labyrinths. Roundabouts are circular intersections that permit an almost continuous flow of traffic. Some are more confusing and more difficult to tackle than others, but even the most treacherous benefit traffic goers, as they are becoming more widespread across the country.

Roundabouts reduce delays and lower the likelihood of collisions, injuries, and fatalities. Since drivers must yield to oncoming vehicles are can only exit by taking a right turn, these traffic-controlling intersections virtually eliminate the risk of getting T-boned or encountering a head-on crash.

Single-Lane Roundabouts vs. Multi-Lane Roundabouts

Single-Lane Roundabouts: Salem Chrysler fans easily navigate through a single-lane roundabout as they are the simplest form of traffic circle. They have one lane of travel in each direction. As you approach these roundabouts, slow down. Be sure to check for oncoming traffic, cyclists, and pedestrians as necessary. As long as the coast is clear, keep on trucking and stay in your lane.

Chrysler Dealer Reviews near SalemIf there's traffic, you must yield to it before entering the circle. Once the congestion has passed, proceed through the intersection. Vehicles in the roundabout have the right away. Never stop in a roundabout unless due to traffic conditions. This also applies to emergency vehicles. Proceed to your exit and pull over after leaving the intersection.

Multi-Lane Roundabouts: Several lanes traveling in the same direction can become a bit more complicated. The basic rules still apply. Yield to oncoming traffic and pedestrians, proceed slowly and safely throughout, keep an eye on large vehicle, the whole shabang; however, it gets tricky when you throw in a few more lanes.

It's important to pay attention to signage before entering. You need to know which direction you're headed so you can be in the correct lane. If you're going straight through, either lane will work, but if you plan on immediately turning right, it makes the most sense to remain in the right lane. Likewise, if you're continuing through to travel in a different direction or make a U-turn, stay left until you reach the exit in which you're looking for.

Simple enough, right? Stay focused and stay alert and you'll prove successful in your roundabout endeavors! If you want to roundabout in style, visit us at our Salem area Chrysler dealer today! For more information, contact us at (330) 823-3556.

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