How Ravenna Dodge Fans Endure Winter Driving

Dodge Incentives near RavennaAt Wally Armour, our Dodge dealer serving Ravenna, we know how unbearable driving can be during these brutal winter months. Fortunately, we're here to help. Though it may be blustery and cold outside, you can keep the inside of your vehicle warm and cozy with the appropriate car swag accessories to make driving in the cold a little less insufferable.

10 Pieces of Car Swag to Bump Up Your Ride

  1. Ready Portable Cup-Sized Humidifier: The dry air from you constantly running heater can destroy your skin. A small, portable humidifier will fit perfectly in your car's cup holder.
  2. Snowflake Car Freshener: Give your Car a wintery makeover with a festive air freshener. Since you have no choice but to endure to snow and the cold, you might as well present to enjoy winter.
  3. Furry Steering Wheel Cover: A furry steering wheel cover is a fun way to make a statement during all months of the year, but during the winter, this accessory becomes a practical way to keep your hands cozy and warm during your rides though winter wonderland.
  4. A Pink Snow Brush and Ice Scraper: If you're stuck cleaning off your windshield, you might as well do it in style. Be sure to get a scraper and brush combo to get through the worst snow!
  5. Finance a Dodge near RavennaSnowflake Window Decals: Snowflake winter decals won't help make winter less awful, but they will look awesome on your car while its flurrying.
  6. Heated Travel Mug: On the coldest mornings, a regularly insulated mug may not be enough to endure your morning commute. A heated mug can plug into your car's power outlet to keep your coffee nice and toasty.
  7. Visor Organizer: Keep your sunglasses, phone, and important documents out of sight, but easily accessible while driving. A chic organizer will make it easier to keep your glove box and front seat tidy!
  8. Car Vacuum: Car messes happen all year around, but cleaning out a messy vehicle during the winter is the absolute worst. A portable vacuum can plug into your car's power outlet to clean up messes both wet and dry.
  9. Heated Fleece Travel Blanket: Keep your passengers cozy on your next road trip with an electric blanket that can plug into your car's power outlet.
  10. First Aid Kid: Emergencies happen. Unfortunately, they occur more often during the winter months. Don't be caught off guard; keep an emergency handy at all times.

If you really want to make it through this winter, visit us at our Ravenna area Dodge dealer for a free test drive of an ever capable Dodge model. For more information, contact us at (888) 689-9957.

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