A Blast From the Past: "What’s a carphone?"

At Wally Armour, we're celebrating just how far we've come in the automotive industry. Back in the day, a wide variety of elements easily irritated drivers and due to advancements in the industry, they no longer exist anymore! Driving used to be riddled with petty annoyances that we've completely forgotten about. Are you ready for a blast from the past?

Driving AnnoyancesDriving Annoyances That No Longer Exist

  • Car phones that were really car phones. As in it was connected to the car and it was the size of a cinder block.
  • Manual windows that were impossible to crank. Guess you don't have to head to the gym today!
  • Sun visors that wouldn't stay up because there were so many CDs in the case on them. Remember turning a corner and they would end up in the passengers seat...or out the window?
  • Speaking of CDs, remember when they'd scratch?
  • How do you read a map anyway?
  • Do tape cassettes even exist anymore?
  • Can you put that song on repeat? Sure. Hang on. Let me just rewind this tape with my pencil.
  • Remember having to reach for the center stack to adjust the volume? What a long reach! How sweet of them to have put the controls on the steering wheel.
  • Remember that time when you had to turn your key to unlock the door? The horror!
  • The worst part about having to use your key to open the door was standing outside in the bitter cold to do it.
  • Those were extremely difficult times when you had to rely on your own memory to find your car after leaving the store.

Thank goodness some intelligent human being created the technology to make our lives so much easier. We're quite spoiled. So, visit us at Wally Armour to get your new, convenient vehicle today!

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