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At Wally Armour, our Jeep dealer serving Ravenna, we know that nobody looks forward to spring cleaning as it usually isn't the most fun way to spend your weekend. However, when it comes to sprucing up your Jeep, it may seem like a lot less more and much more play. As you're scrubbing off those horrid winter memories, make sure that a few small items get checked off your list to further ensure that your vehicle is ready for all of the warm-weather adventures that you have in store.

Spring Cleaning Tips to Ready Your Jeep for Summer

Remember to wash the underbody.

When you're hosing off your Jeep in the driveway, make sure you don't forget about the undercarriage. Clean out all of the road salt from previous snow storms and the extra grime that your vehicle might have picked up from braving those icy winter roads. This will ensure a smooth ride this spring and summer! You can thank us later.

2015 Jeep Showroom near RavennaReplace your wiper blades.

Your wiper blades probably got their fair share of use after the brutal winter that we've had. It is definitely a good idea to make sure that they're ready to go for the April showers that will be approaching shortly.

Clean the headlamps.

The extra dirt and grime from the wintery roads can leave your headlamps cloudy. Be sure to scrub them down so that they're providing their best shine as you head out on the trails this summer.

Hit the trails.

There is no better feeling than the first trail ride after a long, snowy winter. Take the top down, revisit your favorite trail, and celebrate the return of spring! Enjoy your Jeep, fully equipped for summer and bask in the fresh mud!

Be sure that your Jeep is ready for the summer! Visit us at our Ravenna area Jeep dealership to test drive the latest Jeep models! For more information, contact us at (330) 823-3556.


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