How to Choose A Designated Driver for St. Patrick's Day

At Wally Armour, we want all of our customers to be extra careful this Saint Patrick's Day. Any time that a group of people goes out to drink, whether it's a planned celebration or an informal meeting, having a designated driver is always important. Even private companies like beer and liquor companies have spoken out on the vital role that a designated driver plays in decreasing the dangers on the road. There are different ways to choose the hero of the night. Some methods are better than others.

Proper Steps to Take When Choosing Your DD

  1. Safely Choosing a Designated DriverChoose a designated driver prior to drinking. Experts agree that having a preselected DD helps increase the chances that the individual will be sober and get everyone home safely.
  2. Select your DD fairly. Some groups always make the same person the DD. Try to share the burden amongst friends to share the burden equally, ensuring that everyone does their part.
  3. Consider peer pressure. Resources from the National Institute of Health point to studies that have proven that peer pressure can affect designated driver's in negative ways. When a group of young people uses a designated driver who is a peer, it can lead to dangerous rough-housing or other interactions in the vehicle that will add even more risks. Make sure you find a “solid” and impervious to peer pressure.
  4. Find an experienced driver. In some cases, groups without a specific designated driver end up choosing someone who is not even old enough to drive, or who has little driving experience. This, obviously, is not a safe way to get home when the party is over. Make an effort to find a driver who knows the road.
  5. Ask the driver about his or her current driving record. Although police understand the importance of having a sober driver operate the vehicle, the group is likely to face challenges if a traffic stop reveals that the driver has had their license suspended or who has an expired license. Check with your selected driver to make sure that he or she has a legal license, proper insurance, and no outstanding legal warrants for previous traffic violations.

Follow these steps and you and your friends will be on your way to a fun and safe night out for St. Patrick's Day!

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