Pets Are Precious: Pet Passenger Safety Tip

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At Wally Armour, our Ram dealer serving Canton, we know just how important man's best friend is. We know you love when your favorite little guy is riding shotgun with his head out of the window catching some breeze, while his eyelids are turning inside out. Dogs love this! Their ears flap in the wind as they take it all in; surely dogs know how to appreciate the little things. However, although dogs love the wind in their fur, it's not safe! Not only can your dog jump out of the window if it's low enough, but he can be seriously injured if there is ever an accident. Airbags are just as dangerous for dogs as they are for children. An unrestrained dog is at risk from hitting the dashboard or the windshield.

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Keep Those Puppies Safe

Canton Ram drivers should know that the safest place for your dog is in the backseat. Unfortunately, although you want the close, the front seat is not the place for your pup. Airbags or sudden stops can injure your dog if he or she is riding shotgun; in addition, this also presents a big distraction for the doggie chauffeur. According to the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety, looking away from the road for as little as two seconds increases your risk of having an accident by 100%. Scary.

Just as humans wear seatbelts in the car for protection, your dog should be restrained for safety purposes, as well. A normal seatbelt isn't the safest way to keep your pup safe. Purchase a harness for you dog that connects to your existing seatbelt. A harness with padding in the chest area and a short tether are better protection for your dog in the event of an accident. Keep those pups safe!

For more information on pet safety, or to purchase a Ram that's capable of holding all of those pups, visit us at our Canton area Ram dealer. Contact us at (888) 689-9957.

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