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At Wally Armour, our Dodge Dealer serving Salem, it is finally spring and that means it's time to tweak your driving habits! With nice weather brings bikers, runners, and cyclists. We have provided a few tips to ensure that you're always aware and taking proper precautions when you're behind the wheel and pedestrians are out and about. Sit back, relax, and always be alert Salem Dodge drivers!

Spring Safety Tips

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  1. Keep your winter tires on until the temperatures stay above 44 consistently. Hopefully, we won't be surprised by another winter killer.
  2. If the temperatures happen to drop suddenly, and it rains, the rain will freeze when the sun stops shining. If you notice slick, wet-looking roads and the temperatures have dropped, slow down.
  3. As it gets warmer, cyclists and bikers will be on the rise. All motorists must practice good vision techniques and stay focused in their driving to spot these smaller road users.
  4. As it continues to get warmer, cyclists and bikers need to ride just as wisely as you do. Cyclists should wear brightly colored clothing or safety vests at night, in addition to using lights.
  5. Warmer weather brings more children outside to play. Slow down and pay close attention in residential and school zones. School kids are easily distracted when playing and sometimes, they don't always notice traffic.
  6. This time of year, when the temperature still varies, can cause potholes to form. Stay well behind the vehicle in front of you and stay focused on your driving so that you can give yourself more time to to see wheel-bending potholes.
  7. Heavy spring rains can cause localized flooding. When encountering a flooded road, never try to cross the flooded section.
  8. Spring wreaks havoc on gravel shoulders as they can be much softer than usual from all of the water hugging the sides of the road. That, plus winter erosion, will form gullies on the shoulders. Smooth steering will help you maintain control.
  9. Rural municipalities tend to use sand mixed with salt to increase traction on snowy streets. Any residual sand will act as tiny ball bearing under your tires causing a noticeable reduction in grip. Check your tires as we move into this warmer weather.
  10. Many animals hibernate through the winter and will now be on the move as they search for food. Being prepared to stop for animals can help prevent animal deaths and save your vehicle some serious damage. Slow down in rural areas where animal traffic is high.

Ready to get behind the wheel of a new Dodge and put these lessons to the test? Visit us at our Salem area Dodge dealer today. For more information, contact us at (888) 689-9957. 

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