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At Wally Armour, our Chrysler dealer serving Canton, we know that driving over holiday weekends can be absolutely brutal. 89 percent of travelers, more than 31.2 million people, say they plan to travel by car for Memorial Day weekend. That's a lot of people. However, there's no need to fret. We've compiled a few tips to ensure that your road trip is more than bearable, maybe even pleasant.

Overcome Holiday Travel

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  • Timing is everything. Travel during off traffic hours. If you have any control over your schedule, take an extra day off or travel at night.After dark, it will be cooler in the car, less taxing on your engine, and you'll burn less fuel with less traffic.
  • Swap drivers. Whether you're driving 30 miles or 700 miles to get to where you need to go, switching drivers is always a smart idea. It gives everyone a chance to stretch their legs, acquire anything they need from the trunk, and reduce driver stress. A refreshed driver is more alert. Remember to swap frequently in high traffic.
  • Pack smart. Try not to overpack. When taking trips, your vehicle is probably overstuffed with clothes and lacking food. Try twice the snacks and half the clothes this time and see what happens. In addition, snacks keep everyone happy and reduce the stressful edge of food anxiety.
  • Pump right. If your drive is "average," fill up before you head on your trip and then use the Gas Buddy app to find cheap fuel along the ride.
  • Make stops. If you follow our advice when we say t swap drivers, making stops will occur naturally. However, with a little planning, or luck, you'll find some interesting places to pull over and explore. These short visits help to break up the monotony of driving and gives everyone a chance to stretch their legs.

Ready to take on Memorial Day weekend? At our Canton area Chrysler dealership,  we know the best way to take on the holiday traffic is in a new Chrysler. Visit us for a free test drive or contact us at (888) 689-9957.

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