Buy Here Pay Here Ohio

At Buy Here Pay Here Ohio, we’re very different from other financial alliances in the area. A loan with us can potentially raise your credit score over 100 points and more. Now, your credit score is more important than ever before. While making punctual payments on a monthly basis, we send this information to the credit bureau. Each month your credit will improve, showing your commitment to amending your credit. Building credit is much more than borrowing loans and paying them back. Making consecutive payments on a monthly basis creates a history. This history of prompt payments is the main component to rebuilding credit. We want to help you create that history.

Short Term Loans Results in Less Interest

Most of the loans that are approved are for 24 months or less; although, there have been loans with terms up to 48 months depending on the loan. Our company builds customer credit by doing short term loans and lower dollar loans because the less interest paid over the course of the loan results in rapid loan payoffs and increasing the speed of building credit.

Low Down Payments

Buy Here Pay Here Alliance offers down payments starting as low as $295.00. These down payments vary by models and cars because, typically, they’re cheaper than trucks and SUVs and require less money down at the start. Our loans aren’t only based on your credit score. Your approval, and monthly payments, is directly related to your down payment. The more money you can put down, the more flexible the bank will become. By placing more money down, you are lowering the bank’s collateral risk; it is for this reason that they will, in turn, be more flexible.

Don’t Like It? 48-Hour Money Back Guarantee

As our customers are in our best interest, we offer a 48-hour money back guarantee if you do not agree with the terms of your loan approval or, if for any reason, you decide you do not like the vehicle which you’ve purchased, you can change your mind within 48 hours and we will give your money back. This guarantee applies to all of our loans. However, not all dealerships offer money back guarantees and we will not work with an auto dealer that does not abide by our 48-hour money back guarantee.

We’re People Too

Our company is very unlike any other. Our customers have the opportunity to speak directly to a loaner. We happily sit down to discuss your credit situation, why, and how we can help you fix it. We don’t even need a credit score for you to be approved. After a better understanding of your credit situation, we can then offer you a loan if it matches our credit expectations. We require a face to face meeting so that we are able to fully gauge our client’s situations and needs. It is our goal for our customers to gain good credit. We want to help.

If you’re in need of assistance from Buy Here Pay Here Ohio, contact us at 330-913-1794 for more information.